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A few examples of the many different styles available in the Pinwheel pattern of stemware.
Note that much of the following is confirmed, but some is 'best guess'.
Please use this information with that caveat in mind!
Some of the patterns were not exclusive - that is: they were carried at more than one store and may be known by more than one name.
Please visit our "in stock" page for available items in your pattern.
(The numbers that start with CP are our inventory numbers).

Sears Pinwheel
1. Sears Pinwheel from the 1970's to 1990's, also carried at The Bay
Eatons and Birks Pinwheel
2. Pinwheel from Eatons and Birks, note the stem style CP-0123
Bay waffle style pinwheel
3. Pinwheel from The Bay, note the centre of the pinwheel CP-0222
71851 Pinwheel Bohemia
4. Nbr 71851 Pinwheel by Bohemia, note hex foot
Classique Pinwheel from Sears
5. Classique Pinwheel from Sears
Gloria Pinwheel from RTL
6. Gloria Pinwheel from RTL, Reiner Trading Ltd
Harmony Pinwheel by Bohemia
7. Harmony Pinwheel by Bohemia
Laura Pinwheel from Eatons
8. Laura Pinwheel from Eatons
Saga Pinwheel by Bohemia
9. Saga Pinwheel by Bohemia
Sylvia Pinwheel from Woodwards
10. Sylvia Pinwheel from Woodwards
Victoria Pinwheel by Bohemia
11. Victoria Pinwheel by Bohemia
Pinwheel from Mont Royale
12. One Style of Pinwheel from Mont Royale
Pinwheel aka Buzz Saw by Phillips Cut Glass
13. Pinwheel aka Buzz Saw by Phillips Cut Glass
Unknown Bohemia Pinwheel CP-0427
14. Unknown Pinwheel by Bohemia CP-0427
Unknown Bohemia Pinwheel CP-0440
15. Unknown Pinwheel by Bohemia CP-0440
Unknown Bohemia Pinwheel CP-0588
16. Unknown Pinwheel by Bohemia, note hex foot CP-0588
Unknown Pinwheel Pattern CP-0642
17. Unknown Pinwheel from Lotus Flower? Notched foot CP-0642
Unknown Pinwheel Pattern CP-1265
18. Unknown Pinwheel, lower stem flares out CP-1265
Pinwheel RCR wine
19. Pinwheel from Royal Crystal Rock imported by Mont Royale